Retain and monetize 365 days a year with a Community Platform

Offer your audience a beautiful, always-on platform where they can watch content
on-demand, interact and attend your events 365 days a year

Offer a unified, personalized, experience

Airfair generates a personalized feed for each of your audience member, which will suggest content they might have missed, peers or vendors to connect with or upcoming events to attend, automatically

Leverage the power of social

Actively connect your audience, and make them become your most powerful engagement and retention engine: Airfair enables your audience to find and interact each other year round by booking meetings or messaging each other.

Make your event content available on demand

All your event content is automatically stored, tagged and accessible when you use airfair's engagement toolkit

Our Features

Personalized feed

Suggesting members and vendors to connect with, on-demand content to watch and upcoming events

On-demand content library

All your event and webinar content logged, tagged and searchable automatically once event is finished

Member directory

Allow your members to find and interact with each other easily

Instant messaging & video meetings

Allow your members to message or book meetings with each other or wirh your vendors easily


Feature vendors in your marketplace, and allow your audience to find information and connect with them all year

Membership engine

Build and sell various membership packages to your audience, vendors & sponsors

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