Live Video Engagement,
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Stand out from the crowd with live video engagement that engage your audience like never before.

Create any live video engagement formats, from a single platform

From user conferences and fairs to webinars, livestreams and meetups, airfair’s simple-to-use virtual event toolkit enables you to seamlessly engage your online audience within a fun and intuitive environment.

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All the tools you need, built into one

Airfair gives you all the tools you need to create and run your any live video engagement format without the need to stitch together multiple solutions

Streaming Studio


Booths and Sponsorship


Offer a 365 experience

Invite your audience to come for events, but stay for the community by offering them a personalized, social experience where they can interact with each other, watch content from past events and join upcoming ones, year round

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We play nice with other tools

airfair integrates with your CRM, ticketing or video streaming solutions

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